What are the main benefits of Promo.ai?

Newsletters by Promo.ai, is purpose built for time-poor entrepreneurs and marketers looking to grow their online businesses. Here are some of it's main benefits:

  • Saves you time: Instead of spending hours putting together your next newsletter, let Promo do it in just minutes. Promo has been designed from the ground up save shop owners and marketing teams time and money.
  • Stay in touch with your customers: Many shop owners forget the power of staying front of mind with customers who have previously purchased from your store or who have signed up to your newsletter. Our statistics show that simple retention marketing through newsletters can increase the likelihood of repeat sales by 33%!
  • We Design For You: All email templates are designed by our in-house professional design team, they're really quite good.
  • Custom Branding: You can auto-magically inject your own logo, colors, imagery and styles into all your newsletters. Because we know you want to make it your own!
  • No Coding Required: Now anybody can quickly generate the perfect newsletter, not just those techy types!
  • Integrated Analytics: We give you the tools to track the success of your newsletter campaigns and discover trends to improve the content for future sends.

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