How do I customize my newsletter?

Newsletters are made of up of a few different parts you can customize:

  1. Content
  2. Layout
  3. Style

This article takes you through how you can customize each of these areas.


1. Customize Content

Newsletters can be customized before each newsletter send out. You can do this by editing the content in the right-hand-side panel under the content tab.

The sidebar fields will typically change dependent on the sections you have added. Below we take you through a default setup containing a Newsletter banner section:

a. Each newsletter contains a Newsletter subject line. As the name implies, this will be the subject of the email sent out to your subscribers. Since this is the first thing subscribers see in their email client, it's important to write good subject lines. This is one of the key drivers to increase your open rates of emails.

b. Next, edit the Banner Title and Banner Message. We suggest every newsletter should have fresh content here as it will entice readers to open and read future newsletters (as they are getting unique and updated content every time).

To edit the banner message you simply need to edit the corresponding fields on the right-hand side. The message can include links, Bold and Italic styling by using the icons above the text editor (see the screenshot below)

In addition to the text, you can update the banner image each month to keep your newsletter fresh. To do this, click on the change link and then upload a new image by dragging and dropping an image into the resulting tool.


Once you have made all your content changes, you then need to click Save

2. Customize Sections

Each newsletter can be edited and customized to suit your needs. All customization options for each section will be in the layout editor. To view this you simply need to:

1. Click on the Layout tab towards the top left of the screen

2. Once in the layout tab, you can now do a number of different things:

  • You can edit section by clicking on the edit icon (the pencil icon) next to the section name. This will enable you to edit the content of the section that will be inherited by all future newsletters you create. For example, you can add your social media links to the footer section which will remain in play for all future newsletters (so you don't need to customize every time).
  • You can reorder sections in your newsletter. To do this, simply drag and drop on the order icon (three horizontal bar icons). Again, all changes made here will be saved to your layout for all future newsletters.
  • You can add a new section to your newsletter. Scroll to the bottom of the left-hand side section, and click Add new section

4. Select the section you want to add and click add. Fill out its settings on the subsequent screen.

3.  Customize Style

The best way to customize the look and feel of your newsletter is by editing the style (ie branding and colours). You can edit these settings of your newsletters by:

1. Click on the Style tab towards the top left of the screen.

2. Once in the customize section, click brand in the header of the left-hand-side navigation panel

3. In the following brand settings, you can edit the colours and logo of your newsletter. It's highly advisable that you provide a logo that helps your customers identify the newsletter are your websites.



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