How to get started?

Welcome to the app

Well, firstly, welcome to Newsletters by! It's great to see you're ready to start automating your newsletter marketing (and we're ready to help you!)

We created this app because we became frustrated with the bloated process of creating and sending monthly newsletters to our subscribers. Like many of our customers, we would collect subscribers but never sent them anything because focused on growing our core business and did not have time to put together monthly newsletters.

So we built to make it super simple for anyone to generate monthly newsletters and send them to their customers. 

I've installed the app, now what?

Once you've installed the app, the first thing you will be greeted with is our onboarding process. The app will guide you through setting up your first newsletter. Once this is completed, all future newsletters you send will be based on the same style, sections and brand. All you will need to do for future newsletters it tweaks the content (subject line, message and header image).

Where to start?

As mentioned above, you will go through the onboarding the first time you create a promo account (to set up your first newsletter campaign). After the first time, this template will be used for all subsequent newsletters (if you tweak it, we will persist these changes for all subsequent newsletters too).

During onboarding you will be asked to supply the following bits of information:

1. Choose a theme. This will be the style we apply to your newsletter. Don't worry too much as you can change this later.

2. Your industry/sector: This information is used to configure some of the sections so they get industry-specific data. For instance, if you add a new image banner it will attempt to find sample images from your industry.

3. Some brand details. Here you can configure your brand colors, logo and contact email. Again, this can be updated later on if need be.

I like the newsletter, can I send it?

If you love the newsletter promo has generated for you, you can proceed to the sending process by clicking Approve to Send. If this is your first time, you may be presented with an upgrade screen prior to sending out your email. Here, you will be sent to Shopify to approve charges to send the email. For more details on the pricing, see our pricing

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