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The best place to start is to contact us via live chat. Click the live chat icon in the bottom right corner to start chatting with the team or leave a message. If this is not working, try contacting us via our support. Get support details:

  1. Go to the Shopify App Store, and then search for the app.

  2. Click the app name to open the app's details page.

  3. In the Support section, click the link to visit the app developer's website:

    Support section on the Apps details page

If you've logged in to the Shopify App Store, then you also see a Get support button in this section, which you can use to send the developer a message directly.

If you use the Get support button to send a message, then Shopify contacts you after three days to check if the app developer has helped to resolve your issue. If they haven't, then Shopify contacts them again on your behalf.

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