How do I pick certain blog articles for the Shopify Blog Articles section?

The Shopify Blog Articles section allows you to control the articles that show up in it by hiding unwanted articles via the Shopify Admin.

You do this by adding a hidden tag to the articles you dont want to show up in your newsletter.

To do this:

  1. Log into the Shopify admin for your store
  2. Navigate to Online Store > Blog posts
  3. Select the blog article you want to hide from the newsletter. 
  4. In the right hand side, add a hidden tag and save the article.

When you return to the app you should see the article removed from the newsletter. This functionality allows you to hide and show articles as you create the content without leaving your Shopify admin every month. Now you can set up your newsletter without needing to touch the layout making your monthly send-outs even easier.

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