How do the pricing packages work?

Our pricing packages are structured in a way to help your business grow. They are intended to only grow as your business does!

Here is an explanation of the common packages we offer:

  1. Free: This is the default unpaid package that all new users will have. The free package only gives you access to design and create newsletters. Before you are able to send newsletters, you must upgrade to a higher package.
  2. Starter: The starter package is for upstart stores looking to send to a low number of subscribers each month. It also includes the ability to upload images.
  3. Basic: Gives growing companies the ability to send multiple newsletters per month as well as everything in Starter.
  4. Professional: Not only allows sending newsletters multiple times a week, but also removes any branding. Suited to larger businesses. And includes everything in the previous plan.

Here's an explanation of the package features:

  • Subscribers: The maximum number of subscribers this package will send to (a subscriber is any customer who is registered to receive marketing emails from your business in Shopify).
  • Campaigns: This is the number of newsletters able to be sent a month.
  • Upload Images: This is the ability to add custom images to your newsletters.
  • No Promo Branding: This attribute determines whether we include promo branding to the footer of the newsletter. See the image below as an example

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