What is a scheduling limit?

A scheduling limit is enforced on all accounts which restricts you to only being able to send one newsletter campaign a day. We do this to protect your newsletters from being marked as spam / getting unsubscribed.

Can I send multiple newsletter campaigns in a single day?

No, we implement a number of checks to ensure you can not send multiple campaigns within a 24 hour period. We do this to ensure your newsletters are spread out over a number of days/weeks.

Sending multiple emails in a 24 period can result in subscribers unhappy with the frequency of your newsletters. Often this results in either:

  1. Customer's marking them as spam. This will damage your sending reputation and lead to a decrease in the delivery rates of your newsletters.
  2. Customer's unsubscribing from your email lists. 

If you have not been regularly sending newsletters to your subscriber list, we advise you begin by sending a single newsletter once a week/month for the first few. 


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